Table 2

1. A keg of mead is opened. Roll Temperate/Indulgent. If Indulgent, the character may become drunk.

2. Another knight offers you a game of Gwyddbwyll. His skill is 10+1d6. Glory is 10 for Partial Success, and 20 for Success. You can choose to play up to 3 rounds (thereby ensuring continued events) depending on what time the game started at the expense of other events.

3. A group of ladies (1D3+1) ask if you would play the harp/lute and tell a tale for their enjoyment. Roll Play (instrument) and Orate for 10 Glory each (20 if Critical). Roll APP for one of the woman to be a named lady.

4. A traditional game (apple bobbing, maypole dancing etc) is taking place which you may take part in vs. 1d6+6 other knights and ladies. You score 5 Glory for everyone you beat and gain a group status increase for coming first.

5. FIRST ROUND ONLY – You notice that another knight has arrived wearing the same clothes as you. This is an embarrassing faux pas and will affect your rolls accordingly (-5 from now on). You may retire and change but this takes one round. SECOND ROUND ONWARDS – (d6) 1-3=You stain/tear your cloths negating any bonus they may have given you. You will need to buy a new set or suffer -3 APP from now on. 4-6=You damage a piece of jewelry (break the clasp, tarnish the stone etc) negating any bonus it may have given you. The repair cost is equal to half the value of the item. Those without jewelry suffer no effect.

6. A pretty courtesan looks seductively at you from the edge of the room. Roll Lustful/Chaste or go with her and LEAVE FEAST. This will also incur a cost (25d).

7. A named knight discusses (or boasts if he dislikes you) about (d6) 1=Combat tactics, 2=Battle tactics, 3=Siege warfare, 4=Lance charging/Jousting, 5=Horsemanship, 6=Grappling. Partial success gains 10 Glory, Success gains 20 (40 for Critical), and can alter your relationship with him.

8. You find yourself chatting to a young knight you’ve not met before. He seems to know you but you struggle when trying to recall his name. Roll Heraldry and earn 10 Glory for success plus a check to Courtesy. Roll APP and this is a named knight who you may seek to impress by mentioning something about his family history, while he discusses Heraldry with another.

9. The earl’s dogs take a liking to you and pester you all night. This doesn’t stop you enjoying yourself but it is a little off putting to others. Roll Folklore to get rid of them or be at -5 to all relevant skills for the rest of the evening.

10. Another knight is looking for his wife and asks if you have seen her recently. Roll Awareness and if successful you spy her dancing with another knight. You can then choose (or roll) to be Honest/Deceitful.

11. You find the feasting and drinking has left you feeling forgetful of your manners. You struggle to remember what course is eaten when, who drinks first during toasting, when it’s acceptable to break wind, etc. Roll Courtesy now and before any further interactions or risk offending someone.

12. The last course or flagon of ale really didn’t go down well and your head spins for a moment. Roll CON against 12 POT or you’re considered drunk or gross (flatulent, etc).

13. A named lady glances at you. You can make an APP roll and if successful a Flirt then Dance or Sing or Orate, the last four earning 10 Glory (20 for Critical) for success and improving standing.

14. Your wife feels unwell and requests that you both retire. Choose (or roll) Generous/Selfish depending on whether you go or stay. For unmarried knights a serving lady asks for assistance taking a drunken knight to his bed. Choose (or roll) Generous/Selfish and LEAVE FEAST.

15. The earl calls everyone to dance. You dance with a single partner and may earn Glory from a good performance (5 for Partial, 15 for Success and 20 for a Critical. Partner skill is 10+1D6). Roll APP to grab a woman of your choice.

16. The local prelate passes by and reminds you that the Lord frowns upon those that overindulge, especially good Christian knights. Choose (or roll) Pious/Worldly to stay or LEAVE FEAST. Pagan knights are unaffected but may roll Worldly if they choose to.

17. You are talking with (1d3+1) other knights when a lady passes and praises one of you for looking so dashing. Roll an APP contest with the other knights (APP 10+1d6). The winner gains 20 Glory, a roll on Proud/Modest and a status boost if the woman in question is a named one.

18. A serving maid drops a platter of food or a nearby knight spills an ale keg. Make a DEX check to avoid being hit or suffer a -5 on further relevant rolls for the rest of the evening unless you retire for one round to clean up. If hit you can choose (or roll) Forgiving/Vengeful.

19. A nearby knight asks for help in composing a love poem for his sweetheart. Roll Compose. This is worth only 10 Glory – as the knight wishes to keep such assistance secret – but it will give a double bonus to any status changes if the knight is a known one.

20. GLORY ROLL (roll against 1/1000th Glory on d20). Success equals a Very Special Event otherwise;
A tray of sweet pastry is passed round. Roll Temperate/Indulgent.

Very Special Event – (d6)
1= The earl or king (if present) request that you take center stage and Orate, Sing, Play (instrument), or Compose (player choice) for the enjoyment of all as your ability has – rightly or wrongly – been mentioned to him. Success grants 25 Glory (50 for a Critical) and can positively affect all of those who witness the performance. Failure may have a negative impact and a fumble will insult the lord and may cause a loss of Honor. The request can be refused but doing so results in a loss of Loyalty (Lord).

2= A named lady is picked by the earl or king to lead the next formal dance. She in turn then requests you to join her. The two of you take to the floor and dance alone for a while, in full view, before everyone else joins. Even the earl takes to the floor after you on this occasion. Roll Dancing against the lady’s skill (5+2d6). Partial success grants 20 Glory, Success 40 and a Critical 60. You also increase your standing with the lady.

3=Depending on the time of year and the type of feast, you are selected as the lead character (King of the Bean, Cupid’s Cherub, etc.) for the evening.

4= Challenge. Another knight accuses you of a misdemeanor and challenges you. The knight should be one that has reason to dislike you (APP roll) but it doesn’t have to be. If you accept the challenge it is resolved at daybreak in the castle grounds.

5= The lord offers you the chance to be the falcon master and lead the lordly party in the morning if you can pass a Falconry check. Success nets 20 Glory straight away (Critical 40) and allows you to lead the entourage. A successful Loyalty (Lord) roll will allow you to take 1d6 other knights.

6=A named Lady requests that she visit your manor during the year.

Table 2

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