Table 1

1. NOT LAST ROUND – Another round of food is brought out! Roll Temperate/Indulgent.
LAST ROUND ONLY – A drunken knight has trouble keeping his feet while dancing and he wildly bumps into you. Roll DEX or he sends you sprawling onto the floor. Success and you keep your feet. The event triggers a Forgiving/Vengeful roll. If Forgiving and you keep your feet you catch him and stop his fall. He will thank you for that 10 Glory. If Vengeful you let him fall.

2. A pretty serving girl flirts quite openly with you. Roll Chaste/Lustful and if Lustful LEAVE FEAST.

3. Nearby Knights are boasting of their great deeds. Roll Proud to join in (16+ Characters must roll). Roll Orate versus 1d6 opponents, with Traits of 2d6+6 each. All successes gain 10 Glory and will impress any named knights.

4. Another knight praises you. Roll Modest/Proud. Gain 10 Glory and a relationship boost if relevant.

5. There is a quarrel nearby. Roll Just vs. Proud value of 2d6+6. Success against a named knight will improve relations. If this is a named encounter choose two characters that dislike each other.

6. Ladies at the table ask you to Sing or Play (instrument), player’s choice. Success gains 10 Glory and can improve relations.

7. A drunken knight is a little boorish towards you. Choose (or roll) Modest/Proud and if Proud then roll Forgiving/Merciful. If Vengeful fisticuffs may ensue. If Merciful the knight may look favorably upon you.

8. Merlin or another mystical-type in attendance tells tales of faeries. A successful roll grants a tick in Faerie Lore.

9. NOT LAST ROUND Drinking Contest. Roll Indulgent (16+ must roll) to join and then CON vs 1d6 opponents. Each success grants 10 Glory. LAST ROUND ONLY – Grapple (or body wrestle) contest. Roll STR to join and then Grapple vs “the champ” (DEX & Grapple 12+1d6). Gain 20 Glory if successful and take title.

10. A lady asks to dance with you. Partial success earns 10 Glory, Success earns 20.

11. A discussion about (d6) 1=Boating, 2=Falconry, 3=Gaming, 4=Hunting, 5=Religion, 6=Battle is going on nearby which you can choose to join (Proud 16+ must roll) with 2 other knights. All successes gain 10 Glory (20 for Critical).

12. A lady sitting nearby is watching you. You can roll Flirting (16+ Lustful must roll) for 10 Glory.

13. A named lady passes by and glances at you. Make an APP check. If successful she compliments you on your clothes, jewels, hair style, etc,. otherwise she takes no notice and moves on. This may can improve relations and may also trigger a Proud/Modest roll.

14. You feel tired and think about retiring. Roll Energetic/Lazy (with drunk modifiers if applicable) or LEAVE FEAST.

15. The earl leads a toast to (d6) 1=The countess, 2=The guests, 3=The king, 4=Salis, 5=Dead knights, 6=God and The Goddess. Roll Temperate/Indulgent.

16. NOT FIRST ROUND You find yourself watching the court jester for a while as he entertains the crowd with slapstick routines and impersonations. Roll Worldly. Failure means you find his routines rather dull and old fashioned and return to eating and drinking instead. Success and you laugh heartily with those around you, the group realization of which grants 10 Glory. A Critical has you transfixed by his efforts, you laugh, and for a split second you feel a sense of synchronicity or deja vu. This year, at any time, you may re-roll any dice roll – or have any dice roll against you re-rolled. FIRST ROUND The local prelate is doing the rounds and asks if he can count on you to make a food donation to the poor. Choose (or roll) Generous/Selfish to pledge 10-60d (Roll Generous again and double it).

17. You overhear some ladies gossiping nearby and you can’t help but recognize the people they mention. Roll Intrigue and if successful gain +5 to all rolls when interacting with other guests for the rest of the evening.

18. FIRST ROUND ONLY – Several tots of cherry liquor are passed round which you enjoy with a passing lady as you look for your seat. You may make a toast to her before she leaves. Roll Courtesy. Success improves relations and grants 10 Glory.
AFTER FIRST ROUND – You spot a lady rising from her seat who is preparing to leave. You may be able to escort her to her chambers if you wish. Roll APP otherwise she dismisses you out of hand. If successful you may roll Courtesy (will improve relations) and then choose (Lustful 16+ roll) to escort her. Finally IF SHE IS CHRISTIAN roll your Courtesy against her Chaste. If successful she compliments you on your charming manners and retires (improves relations), if not she still thanks you but its plain she thinks you were a little coarse. IF SHE IS PAGAN roll Courtesy vs her Chaste. If successful she invites you in. If you choose to join her (Lustful 16+ roll not to) LEAVE FEAST.

19. Special Event – Roll again, but this time the event takes place with a named character(s).

20. GLORY ROLL (roll against 1/1000th Glory on d20). Success equals a Very Special Event otherwise;
You feel queasy. You can take a walk outside to settle yourself (thereby missing the next round) or Roll CON vs 15 POTENCY.

Very Special Event – (d6)
1= IF UNMARRIED the earl introduces you to a lovely young woman who he thinks would make an ideal wife. If you choose to accept and pass a Courtesy roll, you can roll on the wife table with a +5 modifier. IF MARRIED the countess approaches and says that she has heard your wife has good skill with (d6) 1-3=Fashion, 4-6=Industry and asks that she either make her a gown (Fashion) for next year or to create a (d6) 1-2=Tapestry, 3-4=Painting, 5-6=Tablecloth for use in the lord’s hall. This is a great honor and worth 50 Glory if successful. A fail grants nothing and a fumble is considered an insult.

2= A lady needs a champion to resolve a dispute. She looks your way and you have the chance to accept. Choose (or roll) Valorous/Cowardly. You will then fight another knight the next morning on the following terms (d6) 1-3=To first blood, 4-5=First knockdown, 6=To the death. This may give you a group relationship boost.

3= IF CHRISTIAN You receive a blessing from the local prelate which is worth 10 Glory or 25 Glory if a successful Piety roll is made (doubled if this is performed by the Bishop) and a relationship boost with all Christians. IF PAGAN The Lady Elaine presents you with a charm of fertility. It will grant a +3 bonus to any childbirth rolls made this year.

4= You speak with a rich merchant who offers to sell you anything for half price up to a saving of £5.

5= You spend time talking with a rich knight who asks about your circumstances at home. If you are currently living at a living standard of Average or less he offers to donate enough food for you to live as a Rich knight for the following year. Choose (or roll) Temperate/Indulgent. If the over is declined the character gains an immediate increase (not check) to Temperate and a check to Modesty.

6=The earl offers you the chance to be the Hunt master and lead the lordly hunting party tomorrow morning if you can pass a Hunting check. Success nets 20 Glory straight away (Critical 40) and allows you to lead the entourage. A successful Loyalty (Lord) roll will allow you to take 1d6 other knights.

Table 1

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