Lady's Glory

Passive Glory, annual (Pendragon, p 105)

Everything that men get it for, except the Chivalry Bonus
Gentlewoman’s Bonus qualifications: 100 Glory.
Unique Events

Marriage Glory
Cumulative of any below, up to 1000 total maximum

250 Glory (minimum) for (noble) Bride and Groom
+100 if mate already had children

250 New spouse is the eldest son or daughter
50 if they are not the eldest

1/10 of the spouse’s current Glory

(Glory for any new title gained)

Notable Events

Attending Tournament: Same as for a man, although without the combat options, of course. However, a tournament is occasion for The Pageant.
Attending weddings, funerals, etc. Same as a man.

Annual Duties

If she has been Steward of lands, AND the land ended up with surplus (“profit”), then Glory = 1 point per £1.
Industry (making cloth, clothing, etc.): [Success = £1 income, Critical = £2.] Glory = Skill x 5
Special Family Events

Biology confers upon women special opportunities to obtain Glory.

Child born: 100
Eldest Son is Knighted: 250
Any other Son is Knighted: 100
Any son or daughter takes a Title: 1/10 Glory of that Title
Upon the first son’s entry into clergy. 300
Eldest Daughter is married: 250
Other daughter is married: 50
In-law Bonus: 1/10 Glory of any child’s spouse, on wedding day, before marriage.

Court of Love

This presumes about 100 women attend, including the audience. Adjust larger or smaller groups appropriately.
Sponsor (Queen): 100
Princess Rose: 100
Judges: 25 each, plus Glory for knowing the correct answer
Other Participants: 10
Your issue was discussed: 100

Glory varies, see below.
Typical Winner in a Comptal court:
Prettiest 160 Glory
Most Gorgeous Outfit, 175 Gory
Romance Glory
The Lovers Tasks: Each task finished by a lover, and suitably rewarded, gets the lady: 50 points for the first deed, 100 for 2nd, 150 for 3rd, etc.
Inspiring Knights: ½ the Glory done in her name (i.e.- inspired by Passion)
Public Favor Displayed: Glory = £spent x10, to a maximum of 100, for a favor public displayed.

Ladies use Glory the same as men. Ladies can also use the Hero Point to:
Get Pregnant

For this to occur she’s got to be having sex with someone, of course. If so, the point is spent and she gives birth nine months later to a child. Go to Childbirth Table.
This replaces the normal Childbirth roll in the Winter Phase. A lady can’t have a birth both ways, but can spend the Hero Point after making an unsuccessful Childbirth roll.
Determine Gender

When a lady knows she is pregnant, she can spend a point of Glory to determine the child’s gender, instead of rolling randomly.

Lady's Glory

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